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Our commercial window tinting service is a versatile solution designed to make your workspace more comfortable, efficient, and secure. We carefully select and apply specialized films to your windows, offering a range of benefits that can transform your daily operations. It’s a smart investment that turns your commercial space into a more productive, cost-effective, and secure environment.

At Tinting Experts, we redefine the way businesses experience their spaces. Your commercial property is not just a place of work; it’s a hub of productivity, creativity, and success. We’re here to enhance your business environment through the power of commercial window tinting in Auckland.

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Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting:

Choose commercial window tinting to transform your workspace into a more efficient, comfortable, and visually appealing environment.

Energy Efficiency

Window tinting regulates the temperature in your workspace, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility costs.

Glare Reduction

Say goodbye to distracting glares on screens and surfaces. Window tinting creates a comfortable and productive work environment.

UV Protection

Our films block harmful UV rays, safeguarding your furnishings and equipment from sun damage. This extends the lifespan of your assets.

Privacy Enhancement

Protect sensitive information and ensure employee privacy with our window films without sacrificing natural light.

Safety and Security

Our window films reinforce your windows, making them more resistant to shattering. This enhances the safety of your workplace.

Increased Aesthetic Appeal

Whether you're striving for a modern, professional, or unique look, Commercial window tinting provides a cost-effective way to elevate the visual impression of your business space.

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We’re here to assist you, offer expert guidance, and create a more productive, energy-efficient, and secure workspace for your business. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re committed to delivering exceptional results for your commercial property.

Our services include office window tinting and commercial window tinting services across North Shore, East Auckland, North Auckland, and South Auckland.

Commercial Window Tinting Auckland

How does commercial window tinting work?

Commercial window tinting involves the application of a specialized film to the interior of your windows. This film is designed to control the amount of sunlight, heat, and UV rays that enter your workspace. It enhances privacy, reduces glare, and protects your furnishings and equipment.

What are the benefits of commercial window tinting?

Commercial window tinting offers several advantages, including energy savings, reduced glare, UV protection, enhanced privacy, and improved interior comfort. It also adds a layer of security to your windows, making them more resistant to breakage.

Will window tinting make my workspace darker?

Not at all. Our window films are designed to reduce heat and glare while preserving natural light. You can enjoy a well-lit and productive workspace without the drawbacks of excessive heat or glare.

Can I customize the tint for my commercial space?

Yes, we offer a range of tinting options to meet the specific needs of your business. We can also provide decorative films that add branding elements or aesthetics to your windows.

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Hear It from Our Happy Customers

Stu Wilson
Stu Wilson
I reached out to 3 potential installers for a small/medium Tint job quote on the Northshore. The service from these guys was prompt, of good quality, at a reasonable price. From contact to measure and install the job was complete within one week. Nice guy too. Recommended to others.
Shea Dickson
Shea Dickson
Great pricing, quick and quality installation, and great customer service. We are thoroughly enjoying our window tinting- thanks Filmscene.
Meghan Synott
Meghan Synott
We got a frosted film applied to a few street-facing windows in our home for some extra privacy. The communication with FilmScene was great, Raj arrived on time and the work was flawless. Price-wise, we had approached a few companies and FilmScene were the most affordable. Really impressed with the work.
Pauline Thorp
Pauline Thorp
Highly recommend Filmscene. Raj had fantastic, prompt communication and really happy with the end result of tinted therapy rooms.
Gillian Jones
Gillian Jones
Raj was ontime had good communication, professional, tidy and knew his product. We would recommend the company and Raj anytime
Lynda McCree
Lynda McCree
We chose FilmScene to remove and replace tint on our windows because of the excellent communication with us. The full service did not disappoint. Our windows look fabulous again and our furnishings protected. We would highly recommend FilmScene to others.
Dodge Rochelle Lecciones
Dodge Rochelle Lecciones
great team, easy to communicate, reasonable pricing with lifetime warranty. Thank you.
Geoff Morris
Geoff Morris
The team at Filmscene were excellent at communicating, great service and fantastic product. Thoroughly recommend for tinting windows. We love it!! Thanks
Jonas Fritiofsson
Jonas Fritiofsson
Raj came out and quoted to tint all our windows and doors. He did an amazing job; both in terms of workmanship, communication and professionalism. He was also very friendly and polite all throughout. The afternoon heat upstairs is not an issue anymore and the privacy is great. 99% UV reduction means we don't need to worry about any sundamage to furniture or carpets. Highly recommended.
Jonny Shannon
Jonny Shannon
Had my office windows filmed with sun reducing film. Noticed a difference and wish i did it sooner. Raj was great too. I am getting him back to tint my car.

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